101 ARTS

"Attracting arts to your hearts"

Welcome to 101 Arts

Welcome to 101 Arts We are a non-profitable CIC organisation based in London, delivering a wide range of arts projects. Engaging people from diverse backgrounds in creative activities; designed to equip the participants with transferable and artistic skills, while promoting personal / social wellbeing and development.

  • About 101 Arts
    Here at 101 Arts we endeavour to cultivate community engagement and social action, by collaborating with relevant organisations, community members and volunteers sharing our vision - to portray the importance in having a creative outlet for all. 

    Where participants enrich their wellbeing, experience a sense of belonging, explore new ideas and address their issues - through extensive range of activities, presented presented in many different art forms, including visual arts; drama; dance; music; film and photography.
  • Our Vision
    To guide each person engaging in creative activity towards personal exploration and self expression, stimulate emotional wellness and self confidence, promote community cohesion and team work.

    As we believe in doing so - makes a positive impact on an individual and on the community as a whole.
  • Our Mission
    To provide a creative outlet - where people could realise themselves in many ways - using arts as a vessel.

    We achieve our mission by organising creative workshops led by industry professionals encompassing a wide array of art forms.